Police Uncover Disturbing Case Of Child Abuse In California Home

The police suspected illegal possession of weapons and decided to search the house of this pair of criminals. What they did not expect to discover was the horrific result of years of child abuse.

Police Uncover Disturbing Case Of Child Abuse In California Home
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The events took place in Tulelake, California. For some time now, the police had begun to investigate Ramón Zandejas and Mercadies Williams, a young couple of delinquents. Police waited until enough evidence of possession of weapons had been collected before proceeding to search their family home.

When they finally entered the property, they discovered a sight that was entirely unexpected: an arsenal of weapons, ammunition, methamphetamine and various other drugs.

But this was not the worst part. The search of the house revealed its most macabre episode in one of the rooms: aroom where they had caged two children under two years of age.

They had modified two wooden cradles in such a way that they had been assembled and fitted against the wall, forming a kind of wooden cage.

The children have been placed in social services' custody, and Zandejas and Williams have already gone to prison. They were charged with the possession of firearms and child abuse.

Click play to see footage of the house that was searched and the grim scene inside.