Man Left Permanently Disfigured After Girlfriend's Horrific Acid Attack

A fashion student that carried out a horrendous acid attack on her boyfriend has been jailed. A judge ruled that the callous woman intended to ‘burn, disfigure and disable’ her partner as she threw a highly concentrated substance over him as he slept.

48-year-old and fashion student Berlinah Wallace has been jailed for a minimum of 12 years following a horrific acid attack that she committed on her boyfriend, back in 2015.

While 29-year-old Mark van Dongen lay asleep in bed, she threw 98% concentrated sulphuric acid over him so that he wouldn’t ‘be attractive’ to any other woman. Police found that she purchased the substance on the internet after meticulously searching online for the effects that the substance can have on a human.

It was heard in court that she poured the liquid over her ex-boyfriend’s face before sitting on the couch and calling a friend as he sat there violently screaming in tremendous pain. She originally tried to lie to police accusing Mark of pouring the acid into a glass and that he wanted her to drink it.

As a result of his permanent disfigurement and disablement, Mark visited a euthanasia clinic in Belgium, where he tragically chose to end his life. She was therefore given a life sentence, with a minimum of 12 years behind bars.

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