Lucasville: The Most Dangerous Prison In America

Lucasville in Ohio, United States is one of the most notoriously dangerous in the country. Back in 1993, in protest to the horrendous living conditions, the inmates started a mutiny, controlling the prison for 10 days. Shocking images from inside the prison have now been revealed. Watch our video and see for yourself just how shocking it is.

Still in operation today, Lucasville is a maximum-security prison located in Ohio in the United States. It is well known for the major riot that took place in April 1993 involving over 450 prisoners and guards. The inmates took full control of one wing of the prison for ten days. The reasons and motivations for this mutiny are numerous but the main reason is because of the horrendous living conditions that the inmates faced. Also, Muslim detainees in the prison lived in fear that the guards would force them to vaccinate against TB, which would go against their faith. Long-lived disputes between the inmates are also thought to have prompted the start of the riots.

At least 6 dead

Five inmates were beaten to death by the rioters in the first day, setting the tone for what would be a bloody takeover of the prison. Eight guards were taken hostage in total, one of which was beaten to death to make the state react. In these situations, prison guards are trained to seek refuge in a room that is specifically designed for this event. The room is purpose-built with reinforced walls for extra security.

Rioters took control of the prison for 10 days

Despite that, however, the rioters managed to destroy the wall in no time. Then after days of violence, campaigning began in the town of Lucasville as public opinion put pressure on the state to launch the breakout mission and release the hostages. A total of over £30 million in material damage was accounted for at the prison.

After 10 days, the authorities agreed to read the demands of the rioters who eventually surrendered. Following this incredible mutiny, the state decided to spend millions of dollars to renovate all the prisons in the state of Ohio.

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