He Sobbed In Court When He Found Out The Woman He Raped Was Sick

He Sobbed In Court When He Found Out The Woman He Raped Was Sick

Richard Thomas didn’t flinch when he received his sentence for raping a woman he knew, but he did from what he was told afterwards.


You could say that karma punished Richard Thomas for his wrongdoings. When he was 27 years old, he raped a young woman he knew. He knew that the woman took medication and sleeping pills, so one night, he let himself into her home and forced himself on her.

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The young man explained at his trial that he wasn’t himself and was acting under the effects of drugs and alcohol. Richard claimed that he had taken cocaine and he doesn’t remember anything about that night.

He was judged in court at Liverpool Crown and sentenced to 64 months in prison, but this wasn’t the worst punishment he got that day.

During his trial, Richard broke down when he found out that his victim was seropositive. She had HIV and he didn’t know at all. He has been undergoing medical tests to see if he contracted this human immunodeficiency virus. This event took place in 2013 in Leigh in Greater Manchester.

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