A surgeon who auctioned items of the Bataclan victims on NFT marketplace is now charged

A doctor sold an x-ray of a victim of the attacks of November 13, 2015. In the midst of a scandal, the doctor then admitted his mistake and this is what he says.

While the trial of November 13 attacks took place in Paris, a surgeon finds himself in the midst of a scandal. The doctor put up for sale few products of a victim and broke various laws.

Sale of items

The trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 has been taking place for several weeks in Paris. These attacks scarred the French forever and qualified as the deadliest one in the country. Almost seven years after the tragedy, a surgeon finds himself at the heart of the scandal.

A few days ago, a surgeon put up for sale an x-ray of one of the Bataclan victims of November 13, 2015 on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace. The listing is no longer available.

The director general of the AP-HP Martin Hirsch intends to take legal action and says:

I'm sending you a message that I wish I didn't have to write about an outrageous act that was committed by a surgeon. This act is unethical, calls into question medical secrecy, goes against the values ​​of the AP-HP and the public service.

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An 'odious' mistake

According to Médiapart, the doctor put up for sale an x-ray of the victim. The latter had been taken care of at the time by the medical team after having had her forearm pierced by a bullet. Faced with the growing controversy, the health professional in question spoke up.

According to the surgeon, he had no intention of hurting the victims. While he had not asked for the patient's consent to make the radio public and sell it, he admitted his mistake.

The doctor recalls:

Having asked himself the question from an ethical point of view

The association of victims of the 'Fraternité et Vérité' attacks described the doctor's act as 'odious.'

Life for Paris adds:

To stand alongside the victim of the attack, who is today also a victim of the stupidity and greed of a 'doctor' who has visibly forgotten the code of ethics.

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