A 45-Year-Old Murder May Finally Have Been Solved - Thanks To Jaws

A murder dating from 1974 could soon be explained thanks to the cult movie. Who said horror films don't contribute to the greater good?

A murder from 45 years ago soon explained thanks to the cinema? This may seem far-fetched, but it is currently being taken very seriously across the Atlantic. Joe Hill, son of the world-famous novelist Stephen King, is convinced he has recognised the victim of a murder dating back to 1974, in a scene from Jaws!

Forty-five years ago the body of a severely mutilated 13-year-old girl was found in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in the USA not far from the location of Steven Spielberg's film. It was impossible to identify the victim, since dubbed the ‘lady of the dunes,’ whose skull had been crushed and hands cut. At the time, the only thing released by the authorities was a facial composite of the victim.

It is precisely this facial composite that could today provide the answer, since Joe Hill is convinced he saw the young woman’s face among the extras from a scene in the film Jaws. Even better, the aspiring actress is wearing the same clothes in this scene as those found on the body a month later; jeans and a blue bandana.

Joe no longer has any doubts, who hastens to share his discovery. ‘I broached the subject with an FBI agent I know (...) I thought I would be mocked, instead he raised an eyebrow and said, “You know, it might be worth it to go further with your theory,”’ he explains in a post made on his blog.

If the case were to be solved with this clue, no doubt this story could inspire an excellent novel. Check the video above to see the full story unravel.

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