5 Ways You Could Be Breaking The Law In Your Car Without Realising It

5 Ways You Could Be Breaking The Law In Your Car Without Realising It

Okay, we all know someone with a messy car or maybe you are that someone, but your pile of rubbish may cause more than a stink and a mess.

You stop at a drive through, grab a burger, munch the burger in your car, and then what do you do with the empty bag? Many of us chuck into the backseat.

What happens if you have a pile of rubbish covering the floor of your car and a copper pulls you over? The answer may not be what you want to hear…

It’s easy to think that having a messy car may be a harmless act (except if you are trying to impress someone), but one driver from Buckinghamshire, England was fined for the disgusting layer of garbage spanning across the floor.

You may be under the impression that this act is not worthy of a charge, but what if we told you that the rubbish pile was so large that the cops feared that it impeded the driver’s connection to the pedals?

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If you have a clean car, you may believe that you are off the hook, but there are four other surprising ways you could be breaking the law in your car without realising. Want to protect yourself from getting caught doing something you shouldn’t? Watch our video above for further details!

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