The Russian Sputnik vaccine works against all known variants

The latest COVID variants are causing concern in many countries. However, one laboratory claims that its vaccine is effective against all variants.

For several weeks, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in the UK has been rising, as has the number of patients admitted to intensive care. Several thousand kilometres away, a country is recording more and more cases of coronavirus positive for Alpha and Delta variants. This increase is far from scaring the manufacturer of the Sputnik V vaccine, Gamaleïa. Indeed, it claims that the vaccine is effective even against 'all known variants,' even those currently affecting Russia.

A vaccine that protects against 'all known variants'

Russia has been experiencing a dramatic increase in COVID-19 positive cases in recent days. Cases positive for the latest variants discovered, Delta and Alpha. The manufacturer of the Sputnik V vaccine was keen to reassure the Russian population.

Indeed, on Monday 21 June, Gamaleïa asserted that people who have received their two injections of the Sputnik V vaccine are and will be protected 'against all currently known variants, starting with the British variant and ending with the Delta variant, the Indian variant,' announced Alexandre Guintsbourg, director of the Gamaleïa centre.

Russian vaccination campaign slowing down

The centre's director's words are not insignificant, as Russia is struggling to vaccinate its population. Since Monday 21 June, the Moscow region, as well as one of Russia's largest cities, St Petersburg, have been facing a record increase in infections.

Moreover, according to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, more than 90% of new cases are positive for the Delta variant and only 1.8 million Muscovites have been vaccinated. In an attempt to counter the epidemic, Sergei Sobyanin made vaccination compulsory for his city's service employees on 16 June.

But that's not all. Since the beginning of the epidemic, Russia has been the European country most affected by COVID-19. According to the Rosstat agency, more than 270,000 deaths are linked to the coronavirus.

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