The People Of Nepal Lock Up Young Girl Until She Reaches Puberty

The People Of Nepal Lock Up Young Girl Until She Reaches Puberty

One young girl from Nepal will be locked up for years until she reaches puberty... all because of an age old tradition. 

It's an ancient tradition in Nepal to select a young girl who will be worshipped as the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Taleju. There are several characteristics that the girl must exhibit in order to be chosen. First, the girls go through a review panel with Hindu priests then they review their horoscopes and physical characteristics. After a lengthy selection process - consisting of looking for certain attributes like the “body like a banyan tree”, “eyelashes like a cow” and a “voice soft and clear as a duck’s”, the girl is taken away from her home and brought to a palace where she will live out the following years.

A blessing or a curse? 

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Trishna was chosen because she didn't exhibit any body imperfections from her shoulder down. A key rule is that a goddness must not have any physical flaws. Once she reaches 12 years old, they will choose another goddness to replace her. Several child rights activist feel that this tradition shouldn't be allowed because it prevents the girls from having a normal childhood. It's a tough battle between traditional beliefs versus civil rights. 


Stacey Williams
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