Police Uncover Massive Scam Upon Searching The Home Of Well-Known Beggar

Police Uncover Massive Scam Upon Searching The Home Of Well-Known Beggar

A woman who begged on the streets for years has been found out as a fraud. After Fatima Othman passed away from a heart attack, police made a shocking discovery inside her house. After being homeless for years, many people are now questioning why on earth she continued to beg and take money off people when she had no need to.

A homeless woman, who took money from the kind hearted people of Beirut in Lebanon, was caught out as police searched her home after her death. Fatima Othman, a well-known beggar on the streets in Beirut, lost her hands and feet during the Lebanese Civil War.

From then on, she lived on the streets begging for money. Kindhearted members of the public would often help her out by giving her food and money but following her death police made a shocking discovery. While searching her house, over £2,500 was found in small bags around her house.

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But that wasn’t all the police found…

Upon further searching, the police found a bank deposit book belonging to Fatima. This bankbook made for interesting reading as it proved she had over £800,000 in her bank account. Despite being in an incredible financial position, she continued to take money from the generous Lebanese people.

Why and how this woman could have possibly carried out this act of deception? We will probably never know.

Abbie Marshall
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