Lamborghini Driver Sparks Outrage By Parking In The Most Selfish Way Possible

This man shouldn't have posted an image of his magnificent Lamborghini. If we look a little closer to the photo, we can see that the vehicle is parked on a disabled parking place. Internet users then reacted, but not to the beauty of the car.

His behaviour caused Internet users to react very aggressively. The owner of this Lamborghini didn't make many friends by posting the photo of his car parked in a disabled place on Facebook.

Internet users rebelled!

Proud of his car, he took a picture of his Lamborghini, parked on a disabled parking spot, even though he doesn't appear to suffer from any disability. Internet users then reacted very aggressively, not understanding the disrespectful behavior of this man: "Who do you think you are? Just because you have money doesn't mean you can afford everything."

Even the manager of the shopping centre in front of which he was parked reacted. "We are not going to take any action against him, but we are urging him to respect the parking rules. The next time park badly, you will not be well received in this car park."

The man tries to justify himself

The man wanted to react to the criticism that accompanied his photo. For him, no harm was done! "When I entered the car park, I was stopped by one of the employees who advised me to park where my car was photographed." According to the driver, one of the employees advised him to park the car in a disabled spot because it would be more spacious for his Lamborghini.

Not sure that this justification is pleasing to Internet users ...

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