Islamic Uproar: Protests Cause Brewery To Shut Down Production

A seemingly harmless marketing effort by one brewery has incited the outrage of the Islamic community. What was thought to be a simple a marketing campaign tied to the World Cup ended up creating waves on social media. Check the video to get the full story.

Ahead of the World Cup, a German brewery called Eichbaum Brewery decided that they would celebrate the upcoming matches by adorning their bottles with each flag of the 32 participating countries. While most would view this as a fun and harmless move, one country did not appreciate the gesture.

Saudi Arabia is one of the 32 participating countries that will try their hand in the upcoming World Cup. The brewery saw it fit to include them in their campaign. However, this move prompted a massive outpour of complaints and outrage on Facebook and Twitter as the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in the Islamic faith.

Religious insensitivity or an overreaction?

Following a barrage of messages across social media as well as a flood of negative reviews on their pages, the brewery delivered a sincere apology for their misstep: 'We have no interest in religious or political statements - certainly not on our products. If we have insulted you unintentionally, we apologize in the first place'. A sincere statement, however the reactions have been mixed so far.

A mixture of praise and criticism

Reactions to the apology on behalf of the brewery have been divided, some praising the companies proactive response while others are calling it an act of cowardice.

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