Conor McGregor's Response To Paulie Malignaggi's Provocation On Twitter Is Brilliant

Upon signing with the Bare Knuckle FC, Pauli Malignaggi gave several interviews and didn't hesitate to talk about his rivalry with Conor McGregor. In response to this, McGregor said the most McGregor thing ever on Twitter.

There's no need for us to recall the disagreement between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi, which took place during the sparring to prepare the Notorious for his fight against Floyd Mayweather. During this clash, the American boxer was offered a nice contract with Bare Knuckle FC, the American hand-to-hand combat organization.

While he was on the MMA Fighting podcast to talk about his future at Bare Knuckle, and especially his future confrontation with Artem Lobov, Paulie Malignaggi took the opportunity to attack Conor McGregor, bringing forth the idea of a fight, which he claims the Notorious would refuse: "The only guy who doesn't want a Malignaggi-McGregor is McGregor, and everyone linked, to him because they know it will be over if this fight happens. Because when I beat you up, after all the beef we had, all the lies you told, your story will be over. Nobody will remember you. Even your Proper Whiskey will stop selling."

A serious provocation, which evidently triggered McGregor, who's very active on Twitter right now. In response, the Notorious posted more than a dozen pictures of Malignaggi during their sparring. Photos that obviously weren't very flattering for the American fighter...

Check out the video above to see McGregor's response for yourself!

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