The 5 Worst Mistakes You Should Avoid If You’re Trying To Get Huge Pecs

Here’s a list of the 5 mistakes you should avoid if you want defined, massive pecs.

Having big pecs takes a lot of work and effort, there’s no doubt about it. But you have to do it properly. Here are the 5 mistakes that will stop you from ever having massive pecs. Watch out.

1 – Your torso isn’t positioned properly on the bench

Whether you’re doing flys or bench presses, you absolutely have to be sat right on the bench. With a rounded torso, your back will be slightly arched, and your shoulders should be glued to the bench. Follow these rules and you will avoid lots of problems.

2 – You don’t do enough reps

Given that it’s about being your best and getting toned pecs, you have to do a minimum of 7 reps. If you work with sets of 4 to 6, you’re working on your strength. Of course, strength will come with time but not as quickly as it will with sets of 7 to 12 reps, if you lower the weight obviously.

3 – You spend too much time doing bench press

Bench presses are the basis of working on your pecs and sometimes people do it too much. There are other variations you can do to work on your chest, starting with incline and decline chest presses, not to mention flys (preferably with the pulley) and pullovers.

4 – You forget the negative phase

Fatal mistake. By not controlling the bar in your positive phase (the descent), you risk damaging your chest cavity, not to mention other joints. What’s more, you’re going to waste a lot of tension time. Try the German Volume Training technique, you’ll soon understand the importance of this negative phase.

5 – You don’t vary your angles

Pecs are made up of muscle fibers that go in three different directions. Therefore, it’s important to vary the angles you use when performing these movements, by varying the inclination of the bench as has already been mentioned above. If not, you can always try this workout created by Jeff Cavaliere, known for being the most complete workout possible for working on your pecs.

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