Yanet Garcia Makes A Comeback On Instagram With Her Most Spectacular Photo Yet

Yanet Garcia is back on Instagram! The popular TV host's last post and what her followers saw in it have shaken up the world of social media.

The popular 'weather girl' has resumed her normal social media activities after her Instagram account was hacked and someone uploaded edited intimate photos of her. Now that's she's overcome that, it looks like our favourite host is picking up where she left off.

After sharing several pictures and 'stories' of herself and her boyfriend, she finally shared a photo of just herself. But this photo has sparked controversy among her followers. Indeed, it looks like she's had some work done on her body, more specifically, her backside.

Many of her fans are convinced she got a fat transfer to make her butt look bigger. The presenter, who is opposed to surgery and cosmetic procedures, was annoyed by these claims. So, she quickly shut them down by sharing another post of herself working out.

The Mexican woman enjoys having a healthy lifestyle and working out to get in shape and maintain her figure. Indeed, she regularly gives her followers a look into her fitness journey, by posting her exercise and training routines. So, to respond to claims that her body isn't real, she decided to share another post of herself walking into the gym.

We're already convinced that Yanet Garcia's body is real, but if you still have doubts, check out the video and see for yourself.

Yanet García Drives Fans Crazy With Her Latest Sexy Photo Yanet García Drives Fans Crazy With Her Latest Sexy Photo