Tom Hardy Reveals How To Achieve His Muscular Physique

In order to have a muscular neck, just like any other muscle, you have to work on it. Here's a little workout you can do to achieve a stong neck like English actor and producer, Tom Hardy. Check out the video to find out exaclty what to do!

Peaky Blinders' star has a strict diet and work out to achieve his muscular body. From the Dark Night to Mad Max: Fury Road, Hardy has shown off quite the impressive physique. The actor, set to play Al Capone in the upcoming film Fonzo, recently revealed his secret to a perfect work out. Judging by what we've seen in films like Warrior and Bronson, we're inclined to take his word!

Follow his muscle maxims and you too can pack on lean muscle worthy of the Octagon.

Remember to take all the necessary precautions by warming up your neck and nape before performing the exercises. It's is a sensitive part of the body and an injury could be dangerous.

For each of the following exercises, perform three sets of 10-15 repetitions:

1. Neck flexions on a flat bench

2. Seated neck extension

3. Lateral neck flexion

4. Shrugs

Strengthening the neck muscles has many more positive effects other than aesthetic purposes. A thick neck can lower your risk of injury, stress and general neck pain. The neck is used in most sports therefore it is essential to maintain a strong and healthy neck.

Check out the video to find out just what you should do!

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