This Playboy Model Caused A Scandal With Her Holiday Selfie

Jaylene Cook has been strongly criticized for her integrity. Posing at the top of Mount Taranaki, an emblematic place in New Zealand, she was attacked online.

This Playboy Model Caused A Scandal With Her Holiday Selfie
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Jaylene Cook is a Playboy model from New Zealand who has annoyed the Maori. The model posed on a sacred mountain in New Zealand, which the inhabitants strongly disliked. With her boyfriend Josh Shaw, who is also her photographer, Jaylene hiked seven hours to reach the summit of Mount Taranaki on April 26th to take a series of photographs.

In a photo posted online, we can see Jaylene Cook's back, the model admiring the view from the top of the mountain - wearing only a hat, gloves and shoes. Residents said this photograph was disrespectful.

The model, who lives in Australia, defended herself by saying that being naked is something natural. In her eyes, photography is in no way "explicit". She stated that the photographer was her boyfriend and that she was aware of the history of Mount Taranaki and that they were both "respectful". "Being naked is not something offensive; it's something natural and pure, and that's freedom."