This Man Is Happily Married - But He Spends Every Night With 'Four Women' In His Bed

A former high-level athlete and model, millionaire Travers Beynon, has a wife and children. But he also has several mistresses who live under his roof.

'Every night, there are four women in my bed,' brags Travers Beynon. This millionaire lives in a mansion surrounded by his family and his mistresses. He shares his unbridled life on his Instagram account - where he has more than 660,000 subscribers - often causing scandals.

And for good reason, his photos contain mostly naked girls, some in very suggestive positions. This former Australian Football League player spends his time in the pool, nightclub or the weights room accompanied by his young mistresses.

'Nobody complains about it'

'They lie on the floor sometimes. Creativity is important. I need to be innovative every week. I don't usually sleep a lot. Why are they with me? It's addictive; they're crazy about my creativity and nobody complains about it,' Travers, who has been nicknamed 'Candy Man', told the Daily Mail.

Even his wife Taesha Beynan, 26, doesn't complain.

'He has many girlfriends but only one wife,' she says, casually. Travers' children, 18-year-old Valentino and 15-year-old Lucciana also live in the mansion. The latter even has an idea of ​​her future life: 'When I'm older, I'd like to have a husband like my dad, and I'd like to have two children, hopefully by the time I'm 26.'

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