This is how the world's most beautiful weather girl is helping us all through quarantine…

With people across the globe being forced into lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis, the world’s most beautiful weather girl has shared an inspirational message with her Instagram followers. Yanet García is planning to help support her fans through lockdown with some inspirational fitness videos.

Yanet García is possibly the most famous weather presenter in the world. Yanet became famous for presenting the weather on Mexican breakfast show Hoy. She was quickly dubbed ‘the most beautiful weather girl in the world' and has amassed over 13 million followers on Instagram.

And Yanet is ready to guide her followers through these uncertain times. Two days ago she shared a gym selfie with the caption [translated from Spanish]: ‘Today was my last workout at the gym and I hope to return soon. It is time to start training at home and I will be sharing my routines with you so you can do them too. Together we will be able to meet this new challenge that life has given us. It's time to reflect, time to stay positive and stay calm. Let's become aware and follow the recommendations. Let's stay at home’.

Yanet is no stranger to fitness – as she previously shocked her fans with her muscular body transformation and frequently posts gym selfies to her feed. However, it looks like Yanet will be ramping up the (home) gym motivation in the coming weeks – so you’d best get brushing up on your Spanish!

Yanet also decided to help cheer us all up with a Q & A on her Instagram Stories, answering some burning questions sent in by her fans. She revealed in her story that her favourite workout is doing lunges – and we can’t say it’s entirely surprising seeing her incredible legs and booty!

In answer to another, non-fitness-related question, Yanet also revealed to her followers that she first met her boyfriend (sorry, boys) best-selling American writer and football player Lewis Howes, via Instagram – so we guess that’s proof that sliding into the DMs can sometimes work out after all?!

Dubbed The Most Beautiful Weather Girl In The World, Who Would Have Thought She Would Want To Change Anything! Dubbed The Most Beautiful Weather Girl In The World, Who Would Have Thought She Would Want To Change Anything!