This Is How the OnlyFans Social Network Works, and Why It’s So Popular

Allow us to fill you in about OnlyFans, the social network which is exploding at the moment, and which allows you to sell your photos and videos on the internet.

What is OnlyFans?

If you are a social media user, you may have heard of OnlyFans. Originating in the UK and launched in 2016, this platform allows creators to make money by selling their private content. Basically, you pay a subscription fee of up to £40, decided by the creator, and you then get the ability to send them a private message, but more importantly, to access the photos and videos they upload to the platform.

Nudity encouraged on OnlyFans

But obviously, OnlyFans is successful for one simple reason. Where Instagram does not allow nudity, which sometimes causes some unpleasant surprises for its users (like Chris Evans and his dick pick), OnlyFans encourages it. As a result, many stars sell their photos and videos to their fans. The latest example comes from former porn star Mia Khalifa, who opened her OnlyFans account to share photos and videos of herself (with clothes on) with her community.

Get rich by selling your private photos on OnlyFans

With OnlyFans' business model being what it is, many sex workers have taken advantage of the lockdown to migrate to the platform to make up the cash lost during these difficult times. Bella Thorne, the former Disney star turned porn star, broke a record when she created her OnlyFans account, raising over £750,000 in just 24 hours. The social network itself hailed her performance.

25 million users have tried out OnlyFans

This success has encouraged private individuals to also give OnlyFans a try. By setting their own prices, anyone can use the network to help make ends meet, or make a fortune by selling their photos and videos. The prospect of making money without leaving the home is a dream come true, at a time when the outside world seems more and more threatening. But in the age of social networking, images have never been more important for the younger generation. So be careful not to share content that you wouldn't want to see published elsewhere on the internet.

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