This British actor is Hollywood's top earning film star

How much money is Hollywood's top earning actor making per movie?

The American film industry's most profitable actor happens to be British! That's right, the top earning actor in Hollywood at the moment is none other than Daniel Craig.

How much will he be making?

After signing a whopping $100m deal with Netflix for his upcoming lead role in the next two instalments of the Knives Outseries, Craig will be banking in a very impressive sum of money.

As Netflix has become a major player in the cinematic landscape, the streaming site compensates its actors for the 'projected back-end box office participation.' This translates to a very hefty paycheque to make up for what they would receive if their films were to be released exclusively in cinemas.

Top 5 highest earners

For comparison, the second highest paid actor in Hollywood at the moment is former WWE star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson who is set to bank a $50m deal for Amazon's upcoming thriller Red One. Following him, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, who are set to make around $30m and $25m, respectively, for the Netflix/Adam McKay comedy Don't Look Up.

Finally, to round up the top five is Julia Roberts who has reportedly just signed a massive $25m deal with Netflix to star in Leave The World Behind.

Interestingly enough when asked what Craig would do with all his money after he would pass away in an interview with Candis magazine, the actor responded:

Isn't there an old adage that if you die a rich person, you've failed? I think Andrew Carnegie [an American industrialist] gave away what in today's money would be about 11 billion dollars, which shows how rich he was because I'll bet he kept some of it, too.

He added:

But I don't want to leave great sums to the next generation. I think inheritance is quite distasteful. My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go.
Hollywood: Who Is The Most Overpaid Actor In 2017 Hollywood: Who Is The Most Overpaid Actor In 2017