"They're All D**ks": Noel Gallagher Slams Trump, Corbyn And Modern Politics

Rock and roll legend and former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was not shy to share his true feelings about Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, and politics as a whole. To be fair, we could have assumed how he felt without prompting.

Never one to shy away from giving his opinion in the bluntest of manners, Noel Gallagher recently sat down with Paste to discuss the current political climate. Long story short: he doesn’t care for it. Shocker.

When asked about current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Noel Gallagher was rather succinct in his reponse: “F**k Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist.” Now while we’ve come to expect direct and unfiltered answers from Noel, this answer does come as a bit of a surprise. Decades previously, Gallagher had been a supporter of Tony Blair when he was heading the Labour Party. However, Noel feels that now the Labour Party is a shell of its former self.

The famous rocker also spoke his mind about the one politician that everyone seems to have an opinion on: Donald Trump. “And Trump’s a…a…I’m not even going to name him. But they don’t affect my life. Well, Donald Trump, maybe, because his views on the environment are pretty f**king scary, and that will affect my children.” This sentiment seems to be echoed by his estranged brother and former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, who has summarised Trump in a few short words: “He’s a d**k. They’re all d**ks.” Cheers for keeping it real, lads.

When speaking of politics as a whole, Noel makes it very clear that there’s not really one in the lot that he cares for: “But politicians? They’re f**king idiots. They’re economists—that’s all they are. They’re f**king full of s**t, and I should know because I’ve known quite a few of them.” So safe to say if you’re running up on Noel for an autograph, don’t ask him about Brexit or anything – he really doesn’t care for it.

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