These Are The Most Beautiful Players In The Women’s World Cup 2019

  • Women's World Cup 2019
  • Jordyn Huitema (Canada)
  • Kosovare Asllani (Sweden)
  • Toni Duggan (England)
  • Amandine Henry (France)

Which players will be dazzling the spectators with both their talent and appearances during the Women’s World Cup 2019? Check out the gallery below to find out.

This summer, every football fan’s eyes will be glued to the Women’s World Cup that is taking place between 7th June and 7th July 2019 in France. For the biggest competition in the world, 24 teams will be taking part. But who will win? The United States as the favourites to win or will it be the French, German, Japanese or English underdogs?

Just like in every World Cup, whether they’re played by male or female players, the game will be broken down and analyzed by experts from all around the world on the television, the radio, in newspapers or on the internet for their tactics as well as their techniques.

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But that’s not all. During the Men's World Cup 2018, many lists of the most beautiful players in the world were created. And the same thing has been produced for the World Cup 2019: check out the most beautiful players taking part in this competition in the gallery below...

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