There Was One Big Thing Missing From Mia Khalifa's Birthday Celebrations

Adult film star turned sports commentator and Instagram influencer Mia Khalifa celebrated her 26th birthday in style on February 10th. Whilst she shared plenty of photos from her lavish bash, it was clear that there was one very important person missing.

Whilst she started out her showbiz career in the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa is now just as likely to post a picture of #foodporn to her Insta feed as she is a sultry selfie. The girl loves to eat, so it's no wonder really that she's wound up dating a professional chef!

Mia and 26-year-old Swedish chef Robert Sandberg have been dating since last summer - and if their Instagrams are anything to go by the pair are madly in love.

Sadly, Robert couldn't make it to Mia's birthday celebrations this year - and Mia sure let him know he was missed!

Check out the video above for more from Mia...

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