Steve-O has just launched his very own website with X-rated adult content

The Jackass star has launched an exclusive website for his most devoted fans, in which he shows a more intimate side of himself.

The 47-year-old prankster has decided to treat his fans (over the legal age!) to X-rated, exclusive content that he claims will not be available anywhere else on the Internet.

Explicit and uncensored content

After having been banned from countless other social media platforms, the actor has decided to launch his own website that will cost a monthly subscription of $9.99 (£7.50). In it, you can expect 'explicit and uncensored' content, which he has remained fairly cryptic about.

When asked whether this entailed a venture into porn, the actor replied, 'that depends on how you define pornography.' He contined on to say that:

On OnlyFans you have to pay to unlock each piece of content, and there’s no live-streaming. On my page, everything is already unlocked and playable once you’ve subscribed, and I have live-streaming, as well as regular giveaways and contests.

He added:

I got so sick of getting in trouble with just about every social media platform for ‘violating community guidelines. I’m just thrilled to finally be able to post the things I think are funny and awesome, without getting in trouble.

He also revealed that his website will be the home to many never-before-seen clips from Jackass and his comedy special that never got to make on the air.

Celebrities with OnlyFans accounts

Back in August, scream queen Bella Thorne made the website temporarily crash for having generated an overwhelming surge in subscriptions in such a short amount of time. She also broke a record for having amassed one million dollars in a single day—making her the first content creator to achieve such a feat.

Kate Moss' little sister, Lottie Moss, joined the controversial website over the summer of this year and was charging $200 for VIP member subscription and promised 'unlimited free chat' and 'pantie purchases.'

Cardi B was the first A-list celebrity to have joined OnlyFans. However, she made it very clear from the get-go that she did not intend on posting pornographic content. She said:

And to be clear, no I’m not going to be showing my t–ties, or my p—y, or my ass, just straight up real-life content s - - t. You guys be mad nosy when it comes to my life.
Steve McDonald is headed for I’m A Celeb Steve McDonald is headed for I’m A Celeb