Rihanna Has A Doppelganger - And The Resemblance Is Freaking People Out

Shania Ruedas Bernal is an average 17-year-old American girl. Except for one detail: she is Rihanna's doppelganger! The resemblance is striking, to the point that the star herself responded to the young woman on Twitter, admitting that she was blown away...

Once a year, a special week is organised in the young woman's high school. Students are encouraged to show their school pride by decorating the school or disguising themselves. After seeing a photo of the Barbadian singer taken on the occasion of a promotional evening for her latest album, Anti, Shania was inspired by it.

And such a good idea that was because the result is striking and has not gone unnoticed by Internet users... Some people even needed some time before realising that it was not the real Rihanna! The side-by-side with the original photo and that of the young Rihanna lookalike has been liked over 47,000 times and retweeted more than 20,000 times.

But even more incredible, Rihanna saw this picture and was obviously impressed by the resemblance. She replied to Shania, ‘How does she do me betta than me doe,’ in other words, ‘How does she do an impression of me, which is even better than me?’ A real win for Shania, who welcomed this message with emotion... and some tears!

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