Red-Hot Photos Prove Emily Ratajkowski And Her Hubby Haven't Lost Their Spark

It's been a long, hot summer for Emrata who was looking very much in love with her new husband Sebastian Bear McClard on social media recently.

In a very transparent yellow dress, Emily Ratajkowski was shown sitting on her husband’s lap, kissing him passionately, brushing her hands through his hair whilst Sebastian Bear Mc-Clard had his hands on her breasts. The top model posted this sexy photo on her Instagram account, undoubtedly to show the entire world that things are still hot between them, and nothing could ruin the young couple’s mood.

In February 2018, Emrata surprised the whole world when she revealed that she’d married Sebastian, a man she had only been dating for a few months. Clearly very happy, she then recently posted a picture of her double-diamond engagement ring. Everything seems to be going well for the superstar who, as well as being very close to her husband, is continuing to regularly post jaw-dropping selfies on her Instagram, meaning it will be a very, very hot summer.

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