R. Kelly trial: Victim reveals singer starved her for days before assaulting her

The first session in Kelly's sex abuse trial since 3 September has revealed that the singer starved his victim for days before sexually assaulting her.

The latest person to testify against R. Kelly at the singer's sex abuse trial has said that she was locked in a room and starved for days before being assaulted.

The woman, Sonia, claims to have been kept against her will for at least two full days at Kelly's Chocolate Factory back in 2003. The two met when the woman tried to set up an interview with him for a Utah radio station when she was an intern at the age of 21.

'I was touched sexually'

She explains that after finally being given some food, she very suddenly felt 'extremely full' before passing out and waking up with 'wet stuff' in between her legs as Kelly adjusted his pants. During her exchange with Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez, the victim said she knew something bad had happened because, according to her. 'I know my body ... I was touched sexually,'

In response to Kelly's defence team's question regarding why she took so long to report the abuse, Sonia said she did not think anyone would believe her and that she was afraid of Kelly.

Pattern of abuse

She also divulged that she was forced to sign two nondisclosure agreements without having read them upon arrival and departure of Kelly's residence. She testified that she was threatened to not speak of the exchange she had had with the R&B singer. The interview that was originally the reason for their meeting never ended up taking place.

Throughout the trial, many victims have come forward with similar statements accusing Kelly to have demanded reverence and to have made them comply to strict rules such as asking for permission to eat. Failure to meet his demands, victims have said they were subject to spankings and other forms of punishment.

R. Kelly trial: Former assistant reveals how the singer punished those who broke ‘Rob’s rules’ R. Kelly trial: Former assistant reveals how the singer punished those who broke ‘Rob’s rules’