Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith Calls Out Racism On Virgin Train

Virgin Trains have apologised after Olympic gymnast Louis Smith tweeted his experience of discrimination in the first class carriage on Thursday evening.

Louis Smith was travelling in the first-class carriage from Peterborough to London King's Cross when the waiter serving tea and coffee asked to see his ticket to prove that he was really in first class.

This wouldn't seem to be a problem - apart from the fact that Smith and the only other black passenger in first class were the only ones asked to show their tickets. The waiter apparently served drinks to the white passengers in the carriage without asking to see proof of their right to be there.

Smith reports that another passenger had noticed this fact and confronted the waiter as to 'why he’s only asked the only 2 black passengers if they are meant to be in first class'.

Smith asked his followers whether they thought this was 'just a coincidence or not'. Many responded by saying that whether the incident was intentional on the part of the waiter or not, it reflects the internalised racist biases that many people still have today.

Virgin Trains were quick to tweet an apology to Smith and a spokesman has said, 'We are looking into the incident as a matter of urgency.'

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