Michael Jackson Reportedly Organised A 'Fake Wedding' With A 10-Year-Old Child

Some of the morning damning allegations from the Leaving Neverland documentary involve Michael Jackson, children, wedding ceremonies with expensive rings, and sexual assault.

As more and more time passes, it seems that there's no shortage of accusations to be made against the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. As the stories pile-up, Jackson's legacy as one of the most celebrated recording artists of all time may very well now come second to his image as a sexual predator.

The two-part documentary Leaving Neverland released in early 2019 left fans of Michael Jackson shaken. And for good reason - as two of the King of Pop’s alleged victims are making very serious accusations.

James Safechuck and Wade Robson were very young when they met the star in Neverland, his famous residence – they were aged 7 and 10 respectively. They give their accounts very candidly, with James Safechuck recounting one disturbing anecdote in which Jackson conducted a 'wedding ceremony' with him in his bedroom.

“We had written vows to say that we would be together forever. It was nice. And the ring is pretty”, explains James Safechuck, now aged 37. “It has a row of diamonds, a small gold band. It’s a wedding ring. It’s hard to go back to that moment,” he says.

“Jewellery in exchange for sexual acts”

“I liked jewellery a lot and he gave me jewels in exchange for sexual acts. (…) We would go buy them in jewellery stores, and we used to say that they were for someone else, for a woman. We said that my small hand was the same size as the woman’s we were buying it for,” he recounts painfully.

These kind of particularly horrifying details have shocked the whole country. In response, Michael Jackson’s family has denied the documentary’s allegations and attacked the channel in court.

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