Mia Khalifa Shares Sizzling Photo As She Pines For Boyfriend Robert Sandberg

On Instagram, Mia Khalifa let it be known that she can’t stand being away from her boyfriend and took this opportunity to post a hot photo of the couple for her fans.

Mia Khalifa obviously can’t wait to see her love again. On her Instagram account, the former X star who became a sport journalist, told her 13 million subscribers that she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend again, chef Robert Sandberg.

‘Exactly 7 days until I’m reunited with the sexiest, most talented, sweetest man in the world,’ wrote the young 25-year-old woman on social media. To accompany this tender message, Mia Khalifa shared a photo in which she loves very loved up and happy with her man. Dressed in a particularly hot lingerie set, the American-Lebanese star posed with her arms on her partner who is dressed in his chef’s outfit with a glass of wine in his hand. The two were looking at each other in an extremely cute way.

Posted on 24th January, this elegant photo has received more than 1.3 million likes.

‘You two are so cutel’, ‘the perfect couple,’ and ‘magnificent’ were just some of the comments left by admirers of these lovebirds, which should help see them through until they’re once again reunited.

Check out the video above for more from Mia...

Mia Khalifa Sizzles In Hot New Swimsuit Photo Mia Khalifa Sizzles In Hot New Swimsuit Photo