Mia Khalifa Shares A Very Private Snap To Celebrate Reaching Social Media Milestone

Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa shares her particular 'most embarrassing' moment as she reaches a total of 13 million followers. And hey, we've all been there...

If there's one thing we know about former pornographic icon, Mia Khalifa, it's that the girl doesn't hold back when it comes to when it comes to shyness - or rather, the lack of it. In light of hitting her Insta milestone as she reached an impressive 13 million followers as she continues to controbute her part within the sports industry at the height of her fame, despite leaving her success in the world of adult film behind.

Outgoing and undaunted as she is, Khalifa took to Insta to share - what we suppose we can only consider to be - a treat with the world as she shares what she deems her most shameful result of her drunken antics. Pictured drunkenly asleep in a bathtub and clad in 'emergency' towels, the context of such antics remains very clear to the imagination. Whilst pretty much all of us have been there, the newly-aspiring sports journalist looked to affectionately share her top shame-snap with the world - contrary to what all of us ordinary people would usually do. And don't worry, there comes a story too.

So, without further ado - check out the video to see Mia's dreaded moment.

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