Mia Khalifa Reveals How Her Implants Saved Her Life

Ex-adult film star Mia Khalifa's surgically-enhanced assets may have contributed a lot to her early career success. But last year, one of the star's breast implants actually ended up saving her life.

Moving on from her short-lived but highly successful career in the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa has broken into the world of sports journalism, reporting on sports events in both the US and the UK as well as starting up her own sports betting app.

But whilst it may seem like a safer career choice, it turns out sports journalism can be a seriously risky business - as last May whilst reporting on a hockey match, Mia K was hit in the boob by a rogue hockey puck. The puck, which was travelling at over 80mph, hit her in the chest, rupturing her left breast implant.

Whilst the incident was no doubt seriously painful, Mia has now revealed that she was seriously lucky her implant was there, as her surgeon believes that she would have died without it. Now, almost a year after the incident, Mia has had corrective surgery to even up the damage that the puck did, sharing a candid post-surgery photo with her followers.

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