Meet Joseph Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Unknown Son and His Spitting Image

Who is Joseph Baena? Terminator's illicite son is his 21-year-old 'love-child' with former housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena, and the reason of his divorce with former wife Maria Shriver. Today, he's following his father's step into bodybuilding and perfection

Even if you didn't know his relation to one of Hollywood's most famous action movie stars, you could have probably guessed who his famous father was if you bumped into him on the street.

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Baena was born as the result of an affair between Hollywood's treasure Arnold Schwarzenegger and his and his wife's housekeeperMildred Patricia Baena. Both Arnie and now ex-wife Maria Shriver didn't know the truth about Joseph until the young boy turned 10, and the resemblance was too obvious to not be noticed.

Mildred told Hello! Magazine back in 2011 just how the secret got out that Joseph was Arnold's son: 'Last summer, I brought Joseph over to the house. Until then, he hadn't been around very much. After that, people in the house started whispering about how much they looked like each other.' Probably not the smartest move!

After spending time around the family, Joseph Baena was revealed to have been the son of the ex-Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This revelation took Hollywood by storm after the end of his term in office.

Joseph, just like his father is passionate by body building and tanning. After taking a look at his Instagram page, he definitely looks like he could participate in Mr. Olympia just like his pops, who took home the gold 7 times in the decade he spent competing.

While Arnold is making a big show of returning to acting and movie-making after his days in politics, his son Joseph has thus far not shown any interest in following in his footsteps. Who knows, maybe we'll get a surprise cameo from him in the upcoming Terminator sequel, Terminator: Dark Fate?

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