Mariah Carey Is Turning Up The Temperature For Christmas

Mariah Carey never hesitates to wear short, low-cut outfits, even at Christmas - the proof with her latest publication on Instagram.

Mariah Carey Is Turning Up The Temperature For Christmas
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Mariah Carey is used to posing in short dresses, even naked, like one can see here in her bathtub. These hot photos often cause Instagram to freak out. The diva has done this once again by posing on the stairs of a large London hotel, not far from a huge Christmas tree.

In this photo, we see the performer of ‘All I Want for Christmas is you’ in a black dress that is extra-short and extra-tight. An outfit that reveals her thighs and especially her chest, along with a long fur coat hiding all the rest.

This very hot Christmas publication is a paid partnership with the Cafe Royal, the grand hotel in London where Mariah Carey posed. The American singer did indeed stop there before a special Christmas concert at the O2 Arena in London. But we do not know how she was dressed for that venue...

Check out the video above for Mariah's sexy Santa look...