Kate Moss' Little Sister Stuns On The Beach

Kate Moss' Little Sister Stuns On The Beach

As the end of 2018 is coming to an end, Lottie Moss wanted to share her vacation, under the Caribbean sun, with her subscribers. Within her various shots, Kate Moss' little sister shows up in a sexy bikini and poses topless at the beach...

The winter holidays are not very far off! However, Lottie Moss recently shared some of her memories under the sun. Followed by 250,000 subscribers, Kate Moss' half-sister bewitched her fans...

Lottie Moss spent her summer holidays on the islands of Barbados. The pretty brunette, aged 20, exposed herself in a sexy bikini on the beach of Saint-James. In one of the photos, Lottie poses topless and highlights her nicely shaped bum. On her hip, she reveals her tattoo, the sign of Capricorn, and on her right buttock, the tattoo "not yours." Small details that make Lottie Moss very sexy!

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In any swimsuit, red, black or mismatched, the young model has literally driven her many admirers crazy: "You're really too sexy! Your body is beautiful." @Scottfairman, "A drink with Lottie and I would be in love forever." @williamfitzhugh, "Wow, this girl is really sexy!" @anth.f.lopz

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