Kanye West just dropped his 2020 presidential campaign merch

Kanye West took everyone by surprise when he announced that he would be a candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. He is now selling his very own presidential merch.

Kanye West just dropped his 2020 presidential campaign merch
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Would you be seen out sporting a 'VOTE KANYE' hoodie? Kanye West hopes so. Earlier this week, Kanye dropped his presidential campaign merchandise, but honeslty, it's not very original. The merch is available on his website kanye2020.country.

This black hoodie sells for $80. If you're not a big fan of the black, you can also buy it in a punchy purple, Kanye's signature colour.

This purple hat will set you $60 back, but hey, if you're into it, we won't judge you...

On his website, you'll also find a 'GOD SAVE AMERICA' black t-shirt selling for $40. So what do you think, are these collectors or no?

It's hard to tell whether Kanye is actually serious about his campaign or if he just wants to be the centre of attention... If it's the latter, then it's definitely working.

Check out the video above to see what Kanye is asking his Twitter followers to do when casting their ballots.