Kaley Cuoco Just Sent Her Fans Wild With This Picture Of Her Sister

Young Briana Cuoco has been receiving lots of attention from her sister’s followers. What a beauty!

Kaley Cuoco Just Sent Her Fans Wild With This Picture Of Her Sister
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Although we are used to seeing intense images of Kaley Cuoco, now we’re seeing photos of her with her sister Briana Cuoco and fans of the actress are very happy about it.

Penny, as her character is called in the famous TV series The Big Bang Theory, uploaded an image on Instagram with Johnny Galecki, her husband in the show, and her sister.

The photo created a lot of hype on social media and immediately gave people things to talk about, especially the beauty that is Kaley’s sister. Some people even got into a debate about who is more beautiful.

‘Cuoco-Galecki sandwich’, wrote the actress in the photo’s caption. Lots of people loved this image and it surpassed the 150 thousand likes barrier in just a few minutes.

As for Johnny Galecki, he also posted the same photo on his Instagram account.

‘Us artists have nothing to build if we don’t support one another. The Cuoco sisters @kaleycuoco & @bricuoco gave their time and immense talents tonight to a project that is dear to me.’

What do you think? Do you think the sisters look alike? Do you think one is more beautiful than the other? You can find more details in the video above. Hit play!

Source: Huffington Post

Image: @kaleycuoco - Instagram