John Lennon Mocked Disabled People In The '60s

A recent clip released on UK’s Channel 4, It Was Alright in the 1960s, shows John Lennon openly mocking disabled people while he was singing 'Hey Jude.'

Some people may know John Lennon as the guy who promotes peace, but others will remember him as the Beatles band member that beat both his wife and his son.

However, Channel 4 recently released a clip of Lennon mocking disabled people on stage! That’s right. It’s easy to recognize that certain things weren’t taken as seriously in the 1960s, but that doesn’t make his act an okay thing to do.

The video prompted several people to take to social media and express their distaste for Lennon’s actions. One Twitter user wrote: 'OMG was that John Lennon!!! No Way.'

While another Twitter user wrote,

“#alrightinthe60s @Channel4 was an amusing eyeopener - jaw-dropping sexism, racism and non PC jokes, such as John Lennon mocking the disabled.”

However, another person found the clip more amusing than offensive. He wrote, “Great John Lennon clip, never seen that one before. What a dork.#AlrightInThe60s.”

His actions may have surprised younger Beatles fans, but Lennon got himself in a lot of trouble when he was younger. Several people likely knew that he hit a lot of people. And when he was asked about it in an interview, the Beatle said:

'That is why I am always on about peace, you see. It is the most violent people who go for love and peace.'

Some may be shocked by Lennon’s disabled-mocking video, but it’s clear that he had quite a disturbing past. Find out more about Lennon in our video.

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