Jennifer Lopez's Raunchy #10yearchallenge

Celebrities have caught onto the latest social media challenge, and Jennifer Lopez is one of them! She posted a picture of herself in 2008 and another one from 2018. And the least we can say is that she's really changed!

Jennifer Lopez's Raunchy #10yearchallenge
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You've probably noticed this phenomenon. Social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been filled with nostalgia for several days. And for good reason, Internet users took up the challenge #10yearschallenge, which consists of showing their evolution between 2009 and 2019.

Jennifer Lopez played along on her Instagram account, which is followed by 85 million subscribers. The 49-year-old singer and actress posted a photo of herself from 2008, in which she can be seen pregnant. Next to it, J-Lo shared a photo from 2018, ten years later, where she looks very different.

In it, you can see the almost-50 bimbo in a yellow swimsuit, and in very good physical shape. The two shots were obviously appreciated by her followers, as more than three million Internet users have liked this post.

Check out the video above to see it for yourself!