Here Are Some Ways David Bowie The Iconic Music Legend, Changed The World

Over his 50-year career, David Bowie won listeners with his colourful, vibrant style, his creativity which spans his impressive discography, his energetic live performances, and his ability to stand up for human rights.

Here Are Some Ways David Bowie The Iconic Music Legend, Changed The World
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Whether you grew up listening to his music or just know a few songs, it’s hard not to love David Bowie. The undeniably talented musician and performer not only wowed audiences with his eclectic style and musical gift but with his ability to combat social issues, too.

Unfortunately, the musical icon passed away just two days after he celebrated his 69th birthday in 2016. He died after fighting liver cancer for 18 months. And the world was devastated. But his death gave us a chance to take a moment to reflect on his iconic career and his personal life!

Bowie also had a fantastic love life! He married supermodel Iman Abdulmajid in 1992, and they stayed happily married until Bowie’s death. The couple managed to keep their marriage out of the spotlight!

In one interview with ET Bowie said: “first for me is our marriage and second is a career. If there was a choice between one or the other, there’s no question.”

Not only did the glam-rock star create amazing, memorable tunes and have an amazing personal life, but he also changed the world with his passion for bringing social issues to light. How did he change the world? Take a look at our video to find out!