Gordon Ramsay's Gruesome Accident Live On TV

Gordon Ramsay's Gruesome Accident Live On TV

When things go wrong in the kitchen, they go really wrong. Gordon Ramsay demonstrated that live on television when he had a bit of a run in with a blender.

While appearing on The Nightly Show, Gordon Ramsay stunned audiences with a rather gruesome looking accident live. While preparing a dish, the charismatic celebrity chef had his hand stuck wrist deep in a blender which was then turned on by a stagehand.

What happened next, you can easily imagine, was horrible. The hand of the Kitchen Nightmare star was brutalized, and the set of the late night programme was covered in blood. Screaming in agony, Ramsay subsequently collapsed to the floor for all to see. People in the audience were shocked and concerned as panic washed over the set.

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But you can stop your worrying: a few seconds after causing the commotion and terrifying viewers, Gordon stood up and proclaimed it was all simply a joke. A bit of an extreme prank for April Fool’s, don’t you think Gordon?    

Stacey Williams
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