'Football takes a back seat': Cristiano Ronaldo is grieving the loss of a loved one

Cristiano Ronaldo is in mourning: his latest Instagram post puts football second for now, as he has lost a loved one.

'Football takes a back seat': Cristiano Ronaldo is grieving the loss of a loved one
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On Tuesday 5 October, Cristiano Ronaldo took to Instagram to share some sad news, which may affect his performance on the pitch for his upcoming matches with Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo in mourning

Earlier this week, Ronaldo posted a photo on his Instagram page of him having dinner with his wife, one of his children and long time friend José Semedo and his wife. In the touching caption, the football star says goodbye to a good friend who passed away unexpectedly, the wife of one of his best friends and football colleagues José Semedo. The two players have known each other since their youth at Sporting Lisbon.

José Semedo's wife Soraia was admitted to the hospital last week to undergo an emergency operation. Sadly, she died as a result of an infection.

Football is secondary when it comes to loved ones

The loss has helped Ronaldo put things into perspective, as he shares on Instagram:

There are moments when everything fades into the background, including football. Last week, in an unexpected way, a fantastic person passed away, our dear Soraia, a wonderful mother and wife of one of the best friends that life has given me.

The football star is standing by his friend and colleague José in this most difficult time. Semedo has been able to count on the Manchester United star before, when his Portuguese compatriot stood up for him at the beginning of his football career.