Emily Ratajkowski Wows Followers As She Slips Into A G-String In Her Bathroom

Driving the internet wild? Nothing could be easier for Emily Ratajkowski who did just this when she posted a sneak peek photo on her Instagram account.

Is there a part of her body that Emily Ratajkowski hasn’t shown us? On Sunday 16th September, the beautiful British model gifted her fans a new photo on Instagram, where she used the power of mirrors to show off her dreamy figure.

Hotter than ever!

After a few absent hours on her account, the beautiful 26-year old brunette reappeared wearing a black thong and a white crop top leaving people guessing about her chest… Of course, this super-hot photo drove her followers crazy and it got thousands of likes and comments!

What we haven’t told you yet is that Emily Ratajkowski strategically decided to pose in her bathroom with a mirror behind her that showed off her beautifully rounded bum which of course, led to so many comments from people who loved it! It seems the model knows how to get people talking quite effortlessly!

This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski Has Fans Worried This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski Has Fans Worried