Customs Officers Make A Shocking Discovery In The Argentinian Football Team's Luggage

At the airport the Argentinian national team with Lionel Messi caused a scandal as customs checked their luggage and made a shocking discovery!

At the Ezeiza airport, the Argentinian custom authority AFIP confiscated eleven bags belonging to the Argentinian national team: apparently there were smuggled goods such as toys, electronic devices and musical instruments.

Goods to be declared worth around 25 000 dollars

The team war returning from test matches against Guatemala and Colombia when the customs stopped them: according to the authorities, in the national team’s luggage there were goods to be declared worth 25 000 dollars that those in positions of responsibility in the AFA association wanted to smuggle through.

AFA publishes a press release relating to the accusation

Since Argentina is in a financial crisis, the news caused a lot of outrage. The AVA reacted by publishing a press release regarding the ‘malicious accusations’. The press release affirms that the confiscated goods were, amongst other things, video analysis material that ‘the selección normally uses during games and training’.

Custom authority disagrees

Pictures of the confiscated goods taken by the customs authority AFIP show that this is not true. Due to AVA’s false declaration the AFIP published the pictures as evidence. On the pictures you can see electronic devices, musical instruments, children toys and new clothes. Apparently now the Public Prosecutor’s Office is dealing with the case.

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