Beyoncé Is Being Accused Of Witchcraft By A Former Band Member

The queen of pop Beyoncé is, according to an ex-colleague, a follower of black magic.

Kimberly Thompson, the former drummer for Queen B has accused the star of being a witch.

Does Beyoncé have ancestors from Salem?

Often, star singers are accused of plagiarism, such as the group Coldplay for example. Beyoncé was attacked by a former drummer. Why? Apparently Queen B used ‘extreme witchcraft’ to harass her. It is for this reason that Kimberly Thompson, the alleged victim, has asked the court for a restraining order against the star.

Celebrity news media The Blast managed to get the court documents, in which she explained that she ‘worked for her as a drummer for her band for 7 years.’ According to her, the queen of pop used black magic to kill her kitten and control her finances. And that's not all! She also allegedly practiced ‘sexual assault’ spells. Faced with such absurd accusations, the judge dismissed Kimberly Thompson's accusations.

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