Becky G Offends Mexicans With Her Latest Song

Becky G recently collaborated on a song with Korean singer J-Hope and many have criticized her for her accent, which doesn't sound Mexican. In the song, the two artists speak Spanish, Korean and English. Read on for more details.

Anyone who was eyes (and ears) is aware that Becky G's career is taking off - and in style, to boot. So far, she had notably already been nominated for the 2019 Latin American Music Awards, which took place on October 17 in Los Angeles.

The singer's background is Mexican. More precisely, her grandparents are from the city of Jalisco, but she was born in California, United States, as were her parents. However, Latin blood runs through her veins and her voice is a reflection of this, or so we thought.

A Twitter user was outraged to hear Becky's new song 'Chicken noodle soup', which she sang with J-hope. In this song, Becky G sings in Spanish, but with a different accent, which did not sit well with tweeter @rudeboiluna.

The owner of this account expressed her displeasure at Becky's accent in the song and claimed that she was appropriating the style and rhythm of Afro-Latinos from the Caribbean.

This controversial tweet sparked a debate, and Mexican Twitter users created the hashtag #HowMexicansTalk. Twitter user @TheMinMinRin replied, "Do you think we Mexicans just say 'burrito' and 'taco' all the time?"

Find out what other users had to say.

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