Bansky Has Struck Again, This Time In Bristol

Residents of Bristol have been walking their dogs past some magnificent street art this morning, as Banksy flaunts another piece.

Banksy always creates conversation-worthy and controversial pieces of street art. Just in time for Valentine's Day, he has come up with another statement creation.

The art has been spray-painted on the side of a house in Marsh Lane in Bristol and depicts a young girl slingshotting a bouquet of roses.

Banksy himself posted images of the art on his Instagram profile early this morning:

Kelly Woodruff, whose father owns the property that the piece was spray-painted on claims that they would like to take the steps necessary to preserve the artfrom the upcoming Storm Dennis:

"As it's Valentine's Day, it's really special and to have it in 3D with the flowers is incredible"

She added: "We're not sure where to go from here. We're going to get some advice [about protecting the work]."

Many Banksy fans in the area have taken to social media to post photos of the artwork:

Banksy's pieces often sell for quite a bit of money, his painting entitled 'Devolved Parliament' sold in 2019 for £9.9 million pounds.

We are sure the Woodruff's would make a killing if they decided to sell their house!


- Banksy is one of the most notorious street artists
- often making controversial pieces
- Banksy has recently struck again
- On a house In Marsh Lane in Bristol
- Where he created a beautiful Valentines Day piece
- of a girl slingshotting a bouquet of flowers
- the owners of the house want to protect and preserve the artwork
- And for good reason
- Banksy's pieces can sell for quite a lot of money
- One of his Paintings even went for £9.9 million,
- Best to keep your eyes peeled for when he strikes again!

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