All Of The Rock's Films Have This One Bizarre Connection

All Of The Rock's Films Have This One Bizarre Connection

A Huffington Post journalist wondered if there was a connection between all of Dwayne Johnson’s roles in film. The truth has come out, and there is indeed a connecting thread between every film the American actor appears in. 

What is the relationship between the Scorpion King, a fairy and a rescuer? Dwayne Johnson obviously.  The actor has starred in almost 40 films (animations included) since the beginning of his acting career in 2001.

That’s quite a number of roles, and yet it has just been confirmed that they all share a connection by the president of his production company, Seven Bucks. 

'In our business, the ultimate goal is everyone wants to create a universe, so if we can somehow, if there’s a master plan happening right now that you just don’t know. But maybe in about 10 more years, we’re gonna have our version of an "Infinity War," a "Dwayne Johnson War",' explains Hiram Garcia. 

But things get more serious; as well as confirming a link between the roles, the President of Production makes a few more clarifications.

‘There very much is always a thread ... It’s always about a guy who’s somehow getting better, even just a little bit. If you look at the most extreme version, "Pain and Gain," even as that character, he got a little bit better somehow at the end. ... That’s something we do try to look for in our movies. There’s always a little bit of healing. There’s always a little bit of getting better, coupled with some kind of a family tie, something of heart.’

A 5000-year-old story

In this way the Rock's origin story began 5000 years ago. According to the explanations in Men’s Health, the story begins when Mathayus avenges his brother’s death to become the Scorpion King. In "The Mummy Returns", Rick uses Osiris’ spear to free Mathayus' soul so that it can be reconnected to his body, rendering him immortal. Dwayne Johnson is therefore (in all his various roles) a being who has the responsibility of protecting Earth from all its dangers. 

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Which is understandable, bearing in mind the actor has never really played a villain in any of his films (except the Scorpion King) and always seeks to help others, whether as a good fairy, a helicopter pilot or Hercules.

Check out the video above to find out more... 

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