9 Very Famous Faces Who Failed Their Driving Tests

  • Robert Pattinson – After his first failed attempt at getting his license, the actor decided not to give it a second go fearing that he would just fail again. Hope he doesn’t have the same mindset for his career!
  • Emma Roberts – The niece of Julia Roberts failed her test not once, but twice! Fair play to her for sticking to it and succeeding on the third try.
  • Albert Einstein – The Father of Relativity never passed his driver’s test. Doesn’t seem like that may have slowed him down too much, considering his name is synonymous with the word genius!
  • Zayn Malik – Former member of boy band One Direction was the last of the group to obtain his license, after struggling for years. He even purchased himself a Bentley before he could even drive it!
  • Robbie Williams – For anybody living in London, not having a driver’s license is not a huge inconvenience. The now Los Angeles resident has never attempted to take the test.

We’re not the only ones who may have struggled a bit to get our driver’s license. Some celebrities have famously had a difficult time passing their test and gaining the right to sit behind the steering wheel. Find out which famous stars, despite their best efforts, failed to get their licence.

Scroll through our gallery to see these famous faces who just couldn't manage to pass their test...

Stacey Williams
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